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Plant Science - 100% Natural - Enhanced Absorption

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Our Philosophy

Herbal Human creates natural water-soluble health products by using herbal bio-enhancers and nanoparticle technology to enhance lipid solubility and reduce molecular size enabling superior bioavailability.

The team at Herbal Human are fanatical about the power of plants and want to revolutionise the industry. Our water-soluble and nanotechnologies are unique to us and make our products stand alone.

Our research and development parent company Halcyon Bioscience is a world leader in botanical extract technologies, and they are continuously striving to research and invent new breakthroughs in the science of plant compound extraction techniques.

We are passionate about plant science and developing quality botanical products that are of high efficacy and application. All of the products we develop and sell are backed up by independent peer-assessed scientific research studies.

Herbal Human operates from a state-of-the-art HACCP Australia certified custom manufacturing facility based in South Australia. Our team of Botanical Scientists controls the entire manufacturing process from start to finish ensuring high manufacturing standards across all our products.

From raw materials, right through to you the valued customer, we are SUPER strict, ensuring nothing toxic ever gets anywhere near our products. We don't use synthetic preservatives like most brands, and we've even developed our very own proprietary botanical preservatives.

We are and always will be 100% plant-based.